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Born Again Body is a natural skin care and after sun care brand. Cruelty free, vegan and Australian made. 

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Sun Seeker: Haylie Doyle, The Brightside Life

We're all for an endless summer. That carefree appetite for adventure. Those days that roll effortlessly from breakfast to after-dinner cocktails. Why bother with any other season?

To celebrate the start of summer, we sat down with fellow sun-lover Haylie Doyle to talk about travel plans, sunshine and what she’d rather do for a hen’s party.

Tell us about yourself?

I'm Haylie! During the week I am a yoga and Pilates teacher, and on weekends I run Healthy Hens, which offers an alternative to the traditional boozy hen’s party. We offer packages of activities like learning to surf, stand-up paddle boarding, yoga, Pilates, picnics, raw dessert cooking classes and (my personal fave) glamping.

I also run mini retreats in my home town of Yamba on the East Coast of Australia. The retreats are the perfect combo of adventure and chill time – and the food is out of this world!

How did The Brightside Life come to life?

I think that all the events and experiences in my life have led to the creation of The Brightside Life. It combines everything I love – from surfing to yoga and Pilates to events and marketing.

How do you bring a sense of adventure into your everyday life? 

I'm drawn to the ocean. I think the ocean naturally comes with adventure – weekend camping getaways, beach runs, overseas travel... I'm always travelling to places because of the beaches.

What do you do to look after your skin and hair after spending so much time in the elements?

Anything aloe vera. I love to lather my skin and hair with it in summer. It's the best.

How do you take care of your soul, being a creative entrepreneur?

I think routine is a big one for me, so making sure I give myself the time and space to go for a run at the beach or go to a yoga class and spend time with my partner and friends. It's so important to make sure your cup is full so you can then give your energy and time to others. 

Do you have your next adventure planned? Where and why?

I have couple of trips planned to my hometown of Yamba to visit my family and run my retreats over the next couple of months. I'm not sure what else is on the cards for next year... there are definitely a few places on my list: Spain, Portugal and Morocco are well up there. I live for sunshine, beaches and food. Oh, and Mexico and Bali are always on the list!