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Born Again Body is a natural skin care and after sun care brand. Cruelty free, vegan and Australian made. 


Philosophy | Natural Skin Care & After Sun Care | Australia

An after sun skin care product enriched with natural ingredients that's lightweight on your skin yet deeply hydrating. 


Born Again Body is a subtle way we can connect to nature.

Using all natural and vegan-friendly ingredients we can accompany and encourage all natural experiences in a world longing to be explored. We nurtured a unique combination of gifts from the earth that work harmoniously together. This caring attention to detail results in a natural skin care product that is light in feel, yet deeply replenishing.

Nature, nurture, nourish.


Aloe Vera: The Soother

Known through the ages as a soothing solution for any distress the sun may have caused your body, the Aloe Vera plant has stood the test of time for a reason. With the natural ability to survive unstable and dry climates this succulent has learnt to astonishingly store and protect it’s water supply, making it the optimum plant life for hydration. The Aloe Vera plant is the hero in this remedy for healing and soothing the skin.


Green Tea: The Warrior

What you may know about Green Tea and its raucous antioxidant powers as a beverage are also applicable to your skin. A relentless warrior it flushes out bad toxins from the skin, all the while helping heal natural blemishes and soothing that glowing complexion.


Coconut Oil: The Healer

What the sun may take from your skin Coconut Oil will come to the rescue. This healer replaces you with the essential oils your body needs to heal any damage you may have caused your skin.



Vitamin E: The Fighter

Often unnoticed and if not under appreciated, it’s astonishing what Vitamin E can do. An all rounder of sorts fighting against ailments that the sun casts. It works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing agent. Working directly to reduce erythema caused by UV radiation.


Witch Hazel: The Defender

More plant life residing in nature is at our beck and call. Witch Hazel is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory that is our essential ingredient in preventing the feared effects of peeling and flaking. 



Cucumber Seed Oil: The Replenisher

Time spent in the sun can leave you dry and hot, taking away your body's natural abilities to soothe and calm itself. Cucumber Seed Oil is known to replenish sun-kissed skin naturally. Keeping your skin cool so it can subtly stimulate the healing process within you.